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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tuesday Images from the net

Ok, so today won't have images, instead it will have an assortment of videos.

First off is two video from featuring anime inspired erotic games on the iPhone. Why would someone make these? I really don't know.
Full Kotaku Article Here

The second video is courtesy of ShackNews and C&C: Red Alert 3. It's a digital remix of the cast and the internet throng of spoofs for All Your Base. The song is pretty fun, and it might even make you forget that the game is still going to be toting some seriously draconian DRM, albeit a toned down version thanks to the Spore fiasco.

And finally we have a video that was created in response to a great video. First we see the Wii Fit Girl (Lauren Bernat).

She showed the internet why men want their ladies to have a Wii Fit, though she was blissfully unaware until it was all over YouTube. In turn Tyra Banks put them on her show so Lauren could get some payback on her boyfriend. This video's not nearly as interesting but it still has the humor behind it all making it rather fantastic.

So I'll leave you all with this... don't piss off your girlfriend.



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