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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Tuesday Images from the Net

Nintendo has officially announced the DSi, and now more tidbits of information concerning it are trickling to the public. One juicy *cough* unfortunate *cough* bit is that the new DS will be region locked. That's right gents, no more importing hardware and software.

Continuing some coverage of what's new in Japan, console sales in Japan have always favored Nintendo and Sony over Microsoft's XBOX360, but over the last month we've seen a slight shift. Namely, the XBOX360 is outselling the PS3. While this isn't anything fancy to us here in the states as the 360's dominance has been well established this is a big deal for Microsoft Japan, having never gained a foothold in the Japanese gaming market prior to now.

A Kamakura based IT company called KAYAC Co., Ltd has devised a method to allow plants to blog. Yes... blog. Using sensors to read bioelectric current flowing through the surface of the plants the system registers the plant's assumed change in temperature, lighting, humidity, vibration and nearby human activity. This system is being employed in numerous locations, one being bowls Donburi Cafe in Kamakura with their plant Midori (seen right). Through the website you can check out Midori's current blog entries and even activate a flourescent light next to the plant to give it a "treat".



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