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Monday, July 31, 2006

You knew it was coming

Thanks to YouTube I found this great video today of a Japanese inventor's wet dream.

Yes, that's right, this guy made a bi-pedal mecha. I've been eagerly counting the years before Japan really starts churning these babies out. I can't wait for the next World War when Japan flies in with all kinds of carrier planes and they drop a small sum of bazooka firing, welding torch "sword" brandishing heavily armored mecha. (see: Gundam)

It will be beautiful, well, atleast until we roll up with our no fuss no muss Abrams Main Battle Tank and watch them drop a couple of shells onto their domes and they fall over.

I mean, maybe I'll be surprised and they'll land more like an Eva, but somehow I doubt it.

But all in all this thing is pretty cool, definitely a step in the right direction to science meeting science fiction.


E3 not cancelled as we were led to believe

Next-Gen had an article over the weekend stating that E3 is going away, but apparently that's not precisely true.

As articles begin to pour in this morning, E3 is not actually cancelled as much as scaled back. The original idea behind the convention was so that industry people could meet with others in the industry and show what's up and coming, but now the event is set up open to the public, or atleast open to people loaded enough to make the flight and buy tickets. This has resulted in the intended purpose of industry meetings to be forced behind closed doors, but that can be done without all the hooplah of multi-million dollar bells and whistles.

Full article after the jump


iPod Hacks

So I was perusing some of my trollishly fiendish boards this morning and stumbled upon a great article about iPod hackery.

The articles covers everything from changing the charging screen image to making your little pocket computer run a custom version of Doom.

Pretty neat stuff all in all, definitely worth a read.

Full Article after the jump


Morning NSFW - July 31

You know the drill

oh yeah, it's a big one


Friday, July 28, 2006

Relic says the Indie dev market is going to be hard pressed

According to Ron Moravek, head of Relic Entertainment (see: Homeworld) that the industry is rapidly changing, and there is still room to see independent developers though that is getting tougher and tougher thanks to growing production costs.

Moravek brings up the dev cost of Homeworld, Relic's 1999 hit space RTS, was around $2.1 million and the staff on the project was only around 22 people. This is in stark contrast to the average high end titles costing in excess of $10-$20 million, with some bigger budget games like Halo and GTA are probably costing substantially more, and the fact that newer games have small fleets of workers, usually numbering in the hundreds.

This is truly a sad state, because there have been great indie companies in the past to make excellent games. It's an unfortunate trend that will lead to the elimination of the proletariet by the ever growing and monetarily well established bourgeoisie. (see: History)

It's less and less feesible that a new company with delusions of granduer will get a chance to make their name known thanks to the current dev costs, leaving the market as a whole left buying games from the ever growing superpowers (see: EA amongst others).

It's very very sad...


Morning NSFW - July 28

FrAsian Maid day! (see: Asian French Maids)


Thursday, July 27, 2006

The sad face of advertising

Well I bumped over to Penny-Arcade this morning and found this neat little comic based around an exceedingly bad advertisement by ViewSonic.

If you ever read Wired you've probably seen this debacle of representation. First off, this guy probably doesn't play video games. Secondly, his five o'clock shadow doesn't look like the standard gamers. Think more along the lines of less trim and well kept and hasn't seen the bathroom sink and razor in 5 days. Third, he's dodging... Yes I know that's the point of the ad, the monitor is so life-like that you really feel like you're there... well you know what, the average gamer has become so jilted and warped that nothing really surprises us anymore. If I came home to my girlfriend loading a pump action shotgun and owning the face of our zombified next door neighbors my mind would revert to it's primal gaming state and think "ok, I know how to deal with this situation". Fourth, if you're trying to trump up your monitor being capable of convincing you that there's is evil afoot, or that a car is really about to sideswipe you maybe you shouldn't show the monitor showing box art for an RTS that came out 4 years ago... call me crazy.



Morning NSFW - July 27

wow, the net never runs out of asians


Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Video Game Voters Network

In our day an age of the vice being tightened on the video gaming industry it's important that us, the gamers, know we have some place we can turn to to have our voices be heard.

The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) has launched a grassroots site to let gamers read about the new issues, what is currently in the works, and what they can do you help.

So for those politically/socially inclined with a drive to work towards the better good of gaming, drop by the website and see what's going on. Help us stick it to Hillary Clinton for soiling the title democrat with platforms revolving around censorship.

Video Game Voters Network


That Shawn Hogan deserves a medal

According to an article in Wired Shawn Hogan, CEO of Digital Point Solutions, has been hit with lawsuit for downloading "Meet the Fockers" illegally via a torrent site.

They wanted him to settle for $2500 out of court, but he's decided to fight back, as he claims he already owned the DVD.

These kind of cases have sprung up all over the US as the MPAA has not found a person they couldn't strong arm (as seen by them never actually going to court). Well conveniently enough they've now picked on someone with a hefty bank balance who's tired of their shenanigans.

Hogan is looking to bring them to court, as he believes this whole matter is ridiculous and they are "abusing the system", despite the fact that the legal proceedings will most likely cost him somewhere in the range of $100,000.

Mr. Hogan, you get my thumbs up here, I'd love to fight the good fight, but unfortunately nowadays most people don't have the financial backing to do so. Ideals of Robin Hood are wonderful, but he lived in a simpler time, when money didn't bring the ebb and flow of the tides like we do now. So all of us internet junkies have been waiting for someone with a spare Scrooge Mc'Duck money pool to decide to say, "Screw this, you guys are being a bitch", to organizations like the MPAA.

Thanks man, good luck, godspeed, and we'll be watching.

Wired Article Here


Morning NSFW - July 26

mmmm tasty


Tuesday, July 25, 2006

High-Definition will revolutionize games like 3d graphics

According to Tetsuya Mizuguchi (creatore of the Lumines series amongst others) the work this generation with High Definition visuals will be as dramatic to the consumer as when they bought their first 3d game.

"I can't predict the future, but the one thing I can say is the resolution games use will deliver a very high emotional impact."

He continues on for a while during his interview at the Developer Conference in Brighton dropping buzz words like "media aesthetics" when referencing his goals as a developer.

He also discussed where he saw the industry going, namely to the household without retailers. He even branched further to touch upon this idea with music, saying that it's quite possible that the youngin's first experience with music may be downloaded. Heck, I know my children's music will be.

All in all I think Tetsuya brought up some neat ideas, but I tend to not agree. I think the coming of 3d heralded a new generation of gaming because it allowed for different gameplay, traversal in 3d space as opposed to isometric or straight 2d cameras.

High Definition is pretty, sure, I've played DoA High Def on my sexy 32 inch television, and yes, it was pretty, but did the game feel new and exciting because of it? Not really.

But who knows, maybe I'm wrong and maybe all that matters is new flashy graphics with crisper lines and louder colors, but maybe, just maybe, in order to revolutionize games this time around we need something a little different than bells and whistles.


Morning NSFW - July 25

Monday, July 24, 2006

Hey TV, how's that year's wage treating you?

Matsushita, the manufacturer of Panasonic electronics, as said they will finally be selling the world's largest plasma TV late this year, early next.

Currently, Matsushita's largest plasma TV is sitting at 65 inches. Well their new television will be boasting a screen of 103 inches. That's right, that's absolutely retarded. This box weighs 215kg (more than an upright piano) and is physically larger than a double-sized bed.

The price tag you ask? Well I'd be lying if I didn't say it's probably not going to make the cut on most big kids' (see: me) christmas list. So the cost is $70,000... yes, that's right... assuming I had no bills to pay, I could not afford this TV in an entire year. I suppose I can go take out a shady loan from some less than reputable "business men" for enough money to buy the TV and then bank on winning it all back on the craps table. But I just seem to feel that will end in me having my kneecaps broken and dropped somewhere in the desert. So it's a bad idea... but then again, it is a sexy television.


Morning NSFW - July 24

It's like Mardi Gras, only different.


Friday, July 21, 2006

Weak Lites fixed for free

For those that know the DS Lites, while being increadibly sexy, are showing small cracks in some rare circumstances. Now, Nintendo could have taken the Sony PSP approach, but instead they chose the more consumer friendly option, fixing the Lites for free.

Here's a reason Nintendo is going to come out on top during this year's next-gen race. They are willing to admit mistakes and offer immediately to resolve the problem to keep their customers happy.

The crack is, according to Nintendo, only present in roughly 0.02 percent of all shipped lites, and personally that's not too bad.

"This cosmetic issue in no way impacts the gameplay or integrity of the DS Lite." according to Nintendo's press release today. "Nintendo stands behind the quality of our products and encourages DS Lite owners to contact our Customer Service Department if they are not happy with the functionality of their systems."

This is the kind of treatment that we should have grown to expect from Nintendo now, seeing as how when the original DS shipped Nintendo straight up replaced systems with too many dead pixels for no charge.


Morning NSFW - July 21



Thursday, July 20, 2006

China further rocks the online

According to the Chinese government their internet population has hit 123 million, holding strong as number two in the world, only to the United States for the number of "jacked in" citizens.

This is a fairly staggering number considering that in June of 2005 they recorded only 77 million, making the new number more than 19 percent higher in a very short span of time.

At this rate China, and their great wall of pro Chinese "democracy" propaganda, will overtake the US as the most connected nation.

Ok, so this is what we get for having the bible belt. If only we could convince them that God wants them to illegally download music and torrent pornography we could so hold the number one slot. But alas I don't see that being in the cards.


Morning NSFW - July 20

This is a small snippit of a much larger set I acquired, though the rest are quite a bit too NSFW for show here.

Sorry!! ^_^;


Wednesday, July 19, 2006

New puzzle-based Update for Half-Life

For those that don't know, Valve released some tidbits of info for their next release in the Half-Life series. The current slated release will be another episodic addition to the Half-Life 2 game, yielding many new features, including TFC2! (see: Team Fortress Classic).

But the thing which peeks my interest is the new "Portal" single player game that is reminiscent of the newly released Prey game. Check this out.

Yeah, this is some sick gameplay right here. Half-Life meets puzzle game meets tripped out acid induced day dream that gets you put in jail.

About time the FPS genre is trying something inventive. I'm personally looking forward to this title now, and about time something gets me excited.


A Scary Video

So Kaan, an animator I work with recently sent around this link. It's to a pretty odd retelling of Little Red Riding Hood, with both a darker twist and a splash of Japanese advertisement.

Worth a gander


Morning NSFW - July 19

Take it


Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Microsoft bails on Lebanon

The Israeli/Lebanon conflict is entering its seventh day today, with multiple bombings and air strike commemorating the occassion.

For those that don't know (see: have been living under a rock), Israel has been fighting with Hezbollah guerrillas over two missing soldiers who are believed to have been taken by the Shiite Muslim Militia. Since then Israel has been unleashing the proverbial "dogs of war" with a rain of fire upon Lebanon despite their pleas for a cease fire. Just picture this, you're sitting at the breakfast table and a rocket goes zinging by your window and blows up your neighbors house. Sweet deal right?

Well, everyone can sleep easy now because Microsoft is pulling out. Yes, that's right, Microsoft is picking up its bags and leaving Lebanon. Geeze, thank God, I was really worred about those cooky bastards. Thanks for letting me know Microsoft, you're swell.

I'm now going to take this moment to say who cares? Why is this present in news coverage anywhere? People are currently dying, roughly 70 of the 25,000 American in Lebanon have been evacuated (see: US failing to save people *cough* Katrina *cough*), 300 people are dead in the world's most recent tsunami, and the Taliban are recapping bases we took in southern Afganistan. Damn, they must have had infiltrators in the CC (see: Planetside)

All jokes and video game references aside, come now, maybe this Microsoft story wasn't that important? Maybe we don't need a blurb to let us know? Just maybe.


Morning NSFW - July 18

Asian Girls in Glasses day 2, enjoy


Monday, July 17, 2006

Internet Wanderings

Here are a couple of items I found today that, while could be full length articles, I feel are best left as blurbs.

Kutaragi Obsessed with Tech, Internal Sony Strife & PS3 Seen as "Risk"
My two cents - I've been ranting about this for weeks. Namely, Sony has confused the consumers about what their system is, and now we see that they are confused internally as well. This does not bode well, get ready to take it on the chin during this round Sony and try to come out on top later.

What game designers hate about Video Game Reviewers
My two cents - This is fairly accurate from both sides. Here's an except from the response I wrote.
"You mention front-loading games so that reviewers hit the meat of gameplay as soon as possible. Well, this seems good in theory, but not in practice. When writing for a newspaper one is supposed to give a first paragraph full a tidbit of information. The second paragraph is referred to as the "nut-graph" it's the one geared to catching the audience to read further, but if they choose not to they still know basically what the whole of the article is about. This idea, I would argue, does not bode well for a game as a whole.

A majority of my recent projects have had this idea being pushed, "make the beginning bizzow! and our reviews will rock". Well this runs us into the issue of having to blow our proverbial wad well before we should have to. Yes the game should be good through and through, but what happened to wanting to save a bit of whammy for a ways into the game. Consider it a reward to the player for making it further. If we, on the development side, come up with a great mechanic, does it really need to be in the first 2 levels of a 20 level game? I believe it shouldn't, but the industry view is skewing to appease reviewers and as such our fancy is getting pulled closer and closer to the beginning, leaving little excitement for the end."

I went on to talk about other things but this was an important point I tried to convey.

And finally...

Samuel L Jackson voices God

My Two Cents - Yes, I typed that correctly, in a new audio version of The Bible, actor and black man extraordinaire will be recording an audio version of The New Testament as none other than the big G O D himself.... all I have to say is W O W.


Valkyrie Profile Re-release

For those in the gaming community that were too young (see: baby) or out of the loop (see: SCEA), Sony has been kind enough to finally issue a rerelease of one of the best RPG's ever crafted for the Playsation One (arguably of course).

The game is Valkyrie Profile, a Square Enix title (originally just an Enix title in the 90's), an actiony RPG set within a Norse Mythology setting.

The game was a psuedo-sleeper, resulting in it being one of the power PS1 rarity titles, despite its high reviewer scores. The average going price for a copy of it on Ebay ranges from $100-150USD (another prominent title on the list being Suikoden II averaging $150USD).

Well, Sony has finally been kind enough to release the game again for a new generation so that they can be amazed and awestruck by the beautiful sprite animations at a more affordable price than the current Ebay tags. (yes, I'm a sucker for 2d art) The trick though is that it's being released for the PSP. Damn you Sony! Well... sure, I have a PSP, and I'll be picking it up, and I'd wager so will the 4 other people in the US that own a PSP, but this hurts everyone else. My dreams of everyone knowing how quality this game is are again cast upon the rocks (see: Trojan Women).

But regardless, I'll thank Sony for doing a bit to let the youngins see what games used to be like, prior to the muddling of quality, graphics vs. gameplay. So if you have a PSP (the 3 of you) head down to your local retailer this Wednesday and pick up Valkyrie Profile, you'll not be let down.


Morning NSFW - July 17

Take it, it's cute asian girls with glasses day 1 of 2!

mmm.... Glasses

Oh, and here's the ill-fated July 14 NSFW finally up. July 14


Friday, July 14, 2006

Wave bye to UMD

With the slowing of movie studio support (Universal and Paramount) to Sony for their proprietary UMD format, the UMD seems to be waning both in the interest of consumers and retailers.

Both Best Buy and Wal-Mart (two primary venues for distribution) have toned back their UMD displays, giving the products very little face coverage. To make matters worse, according to a manager at a Target in California (information gathered from Target as a whole has "stopped carrying them nationwide".

Well that does not bode well for Sony and their leap into the future with really useful media formats? *cough* blue-ray *cough*.

While Sony has made no official statement about any of this, they have released Memory Stick movies, available for digital distribution. First off, they are now trying to get consumers to pay for what hackers have been doing for free, and the kicker here is that Sony's memory stick movies run at 240x320 pixels, whereas the PSP is capable of displaying 480x272... awww... Sony, you want us to pay more for worse quality?

No thanks, I'll pass.


Morning NSFW - July 14

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Rein accuses Intel for shoddy PC gaming market

During the Developer's Conference in Brighton yesterday, Epic Games head honcho Mark Rein lashed out at Intel (a top tech company) for "killing" the PC gaming market by releasing pre-built computers with integrated graphic chipsets.

"Integrated graphics cannot compete with the console gaming experience," says Rein. "If you're going to be out there creating these great next-generation games that kick ass and look wonderful, and help to sell these next-gen systems, you're screwed if your customers have Intel integrated graphics."

Basically, Intel has been packaging new PC's at *heaven forbid* affordable prices, with graphics cards basically hard-wired into the system, not allowing for upgrades.

I have a few thoughts on this matter. First off, the average player who will in fact buy one of these systems, won't be playing Gears of War. The type of gamer that Epic is gearing their games towards are much more hardcore players, who know a thing or two about PC's. He should have a little faith in their knowledge.

Secondly, there's no reason Intel should not make lower cost PC's for people that can still run some new games. Sorry, they won't be yours.

Thirdly, perhaps... maybe... you could opt to make a new PC title with *gasp* well thought out gameplay, better content and story as opposed to... say... normal mapping. I know, I know, it's a novel concept. Games are supposed to look pretty. They don't need to be fun to play. Well maybe some companies should rethink their strategy of pushing the visuals and return to some of the basics... actual design. Maybe not all the gamers want to spend $50 on the game they bought 2 years ago with "new and enhanced amazing 3d graphics", oh yeah, and an updated date on the box.

Don't blame the graphics companies for a lull in PC gaming, blame the developers making uninteresting games that require a $3000 system to run them. I'll take a leap of faith and say a good number of the gamers who play these games can't afford to keep up with the system specc escalations being required.



Morning NSFW - July 13

Have at it


Wednesday, July 12, 2006

A divergence in industry spawned professional gamers

Those in the professional gaming community may recognize the name Frag Dolls, a group of female gamers that a pretty hardcore. See their website for randomness involving blogs, their take on current video games, and ubisoft propaganda with a firm blue jean center.

Well apparently the Frag Doll priorly known as "Voodoo" has gone AWOL from the group, now going by the tag "Siren", teaming up with another gamer girl by the name Vixen to create a new group called VersuS.
Siren is very heated in her beliefs on gaming, the media, and how professional gaming should be viewed, which is a nice change, as I've always failed at seeing a higher level of rational thought from the girls over at FG, though that's most likely due to the filling of the pockets.

"Although we may have strong opinions, you can be sure of one thing; We're not here to endorse any product or sell you anything. If we say it, it's because we mean it, not because it pays our wage. We've both seen the perils and pit falls of "selling out" and have learnt one vital lesson; if you love something then honesty, independence and freedom are the best path to take. We hope that you feel the same and are sick of just how invasive and abundant advertising has become. If so and you are ready to join the resistance, if' you're ready to stick the Vs up to the advertisers... then welcome to VersuS!

On a similar note, we may both be girls who game but we are not here to wave the "girl gamer" flag. We believe that by drawing attention to gender you create a barrier that is otherwise irrelevant. In our experience "promoting girl gamers" can often be used as the cover story of big business trying to widen its market whilst still getting some pretty faces in the Magazines, in other words: Free advertising.

It's a natural progression that more and more women are getting into gaming and of course we fully support that.
However, we don't see any need to define ourselves by gender. We're just two people who love games.

In a pre-emptive strike against the endlessly cynical we want to make it perfectly clear that we have a gallery because we are proud of ourselves, what we do, and what we stand for (and obviously to record our exploits.)

On a completely honest level we enjoy posing and messing around with a camera as much as the next person - so hopefully you can relate to that and share the fun in it. It's all about relaxing and letting go, being comfortable and proud in yourself. Enjoying yourself with your friends. Hopefully our site can help promote and share a little of that fun."
Thanks Siren, that mildly renews my faith in the world and in the gaming industry that people can game simply to game.

I've been through the VS website and all and all I'm impressed. It has the potential to reach a good amount of people and the message that they seem to be giving off is a positive one.

Now, I'm not one to judge anyone, hell, I'm looked down on. I'm a tattoo'd gamer who plays D&D. I'm pretty bottom of the barrel when it comes to societal norms determining what is "good". But I find it hard to look at a group like the Frag Dolls seriously. You can't look at girls being toted around major video game conventions in matching outfits without thinking "studio built" (see: Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys) or "booth babes". Sorry, it's just the way it is. If you're serious about gaming try to be a little more low key... like a real gamer.

I understand that the video game industry is not exactly overflowing with the opposite sex, (though it is standardly higher than the average person would assume), and given that, I could see it being difficult to be a professional female player without being seen as a sex object. Yes, we're men, and we suck. Ackknowledging this won't change the fact. You see this type of behavior in most niche audience hobbies (sci-fi, role-playing, etc...). It's a genre filled with adolescent virgins and kids, women are a great mystery. Big companies understand this, they aren't as stupid as some would like to believe. There's a reason Britany Spears made it big, and let's just say that she's no Janice Joplin.

Companies *cough* Ubisoft *cough* then see a group like the Frag Dolls and think "mmm... fresh meat" (see: diablo 1). These girls will sell games. These girls appeal to the average video game consumer, and as such the consumer will listen to every corporate sponsored piece of product propaganda that is regurgitated from them.

Now in the defense of these large corporations I'm sure it's not just a gender thing (though it does help). No company would hire an overweight, balding, greasy, inarticulate MMO troll (see basement maggot) to stand in front of cameras and tell the masses to buy their games.

But all in all I have to assume that everything these girls say should be taken with a grain of salt.

Now back to VersuS. These girls are (as of yet) unaffiliated and that's a very good thing. Quality tends to be a fuzzy gray area when the game you're discussing is made by the person signing your paychecks. Call me crazy...

Another point which Siren makes which I'm whole heartedly for is that they aren't trying to trump themselves up as sexy women gamers. They are just gamers, that's enough. Gaming shouldn't be about what people are packing beneath their clothes, they should be about what your avatar is packing in their clip. If I get shot in the face playing Unreal Tournament it's all very simple, because bullets, lasers, rockets, radioactive goo, etc... kill indiscriminately.

So keep fighting the good fight Siren and Vixen, I'll keep reading assuming you don't fall back into the standard trappings.


Nintendo denies the supposed Wii launch

In a news article in the British magazine the Daily Star, a claim was made that the Wii would be released "at the end of November, priced around 170" pounds.

According to Nintendo the information presented in the tabloid was "pure speculation on the part of the newspaper - we have made no announcements regarding Wii price or software."

Well, tough luck to all those people out there marking their calendars and starting to save. Though in all honesty this is better for us, because 170 pounds is a much higher price point then was originally hypothesized. (170 pounds is roughly 313USD).


Morning NSFW - July 12

Booya, enjoy it.

July 12


Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Heavy Water Ice Cubes

So apparently there is this fluke that occurs on occassion in Hydrogen atoms which makes it have a neutron. Now, Hydrogen standardly only has one electron and one proton, yielding a very light molecule. But when a hydrogen atom is formed having a quite heavy neutron in it as well you can end up with a substance called "heavy water" (deuterium) simply because it weighs more than regular water.This water ends up being 10% heavier than normal water, making it sink, even when made into ice cubes. So this yields some pretty neat looking effects, having ice sunk in your glass.

The primary use for heavy water is in nuclear reactors, though it is safe to handle (not being radioactive itself) it's not recommended for drinking purposes. So while it's neat to toss in a glass of water don't drink it afterwards. (though it's only dangerous in high quantities, having strange effects on the body's biochemical processes)

Want to buy some? Got have it? Check out this pretty slick isotope dealer. United Nuclear

Full Article Here


Romero opens new MMO company

John Romero, creative mind behind some of the most influential FPS's of all time (Quake, Doom, Wolfenstein) has officially opened a new company called Slipgate Ironworks, a new MMO developer based out of the California Bay area.

The company has already secured its funding for its first game which will be released "when it's done", the standard tag line of Id Software, a company co-founded by Romero.

Slipgate is looking to staff up currently, looking for a senior 3d arist, mid-level tools programmer, concept artist and senior game designer. So if you're in the industry and looking to tackle a new IP with a couple of gaming legends then here's your chance.

All in all I'm looking forward to what this company churns out. Hopefully something to brighten my day thanks to all of the less than stellar MMO's currently on the market and those on the horizon.


Morning NSFW - July 11

mmm... school girl. Sorry for the delay on these. Enjoy your NSFW, you know, what little joy you can find in your cubicle existence.

July 11


Monday, July 10, 2006

Coolest lame hobby result ever

So I was wandering around this morning and found a picture that made me weak in the knees. My initial reaction was wtf? This is reasonably pathetic. But then I started looking more closely and holy hell did this person do a good job.

Isn't this kinda dorkishly sexy? I mean, I love women, love 'em, but my heart will always have a soft spot for anything to do with Starcraft.

This person has managed to use their "1337 origami sk1llz" to make a fairly impressive collection of just about every Starcraft unit. That carrier is pretty slick. They were my bread and butter back in the day. Hey marines, can you see your units? no? Did you hot key them yet? no? Damn, sucks.

Boy that game rocked, and wow is this impresive. I don't have the name of this artist, but whoever did it rock on, it's only kinda gay now since it's not of a swan or some lame garbage like that. ^_^;

((note: we here at IT bear no ill-will towards people who fold pieces of paper into little dumb animals, everyone needs their hobbies, ours just happen to be better, that's all))


Wow that Minter guy is kinda funny

Jeff Minter, a fairly legendary British industry (video games) afficionado has thrown his hat into the fray of PS3 hullabaloo in the newest issue of Edge.

According to Minter, Sony is making a big mistake dropping the huge price-point on the new system, banking on the consumers to simply jump when they say jump because it's the new playstation system.

"Just making the shiniest, most expensive harware doesn't cut it these days." said Minter. "Sure the PSP was beautiful, shining, pretty and posh, whereas the DS was definitely the ugly sister. But hey, the ugly sister is better in the sack."

Ok, just for that comment alone he has my praise, I mean, wow, thanks guy, that made my day.

You should listen to him Sony, this guy knows his shit. His talk of Smugness really hits in home. We aren't as loyal as a $600 price tag would require, sorry Sony, maybe next time.


Morning NSFW - July 10

Well it's Monday morning, and in true crappy-day standards, Zoto is down, so I can't get the NSFW up, but as soon as it is it'll be here, so check it out, be there or be square.

Edit: It's finally up, so here's today's NSFW for all your not safe for work needs.

July 10 2006


Friday, July 07, 2006

5 Great Companies who sank

I was perusing my standard boards today and found a great article over at Next Generation about 5 video game companies that did so much for the industry that ended up raising the white flag prior to sinking in the black abyss that is business.

The article references the trying times the industry had back in the mid 90's thanks to the conversion from 2d to 3d and the utter failings of the American arcades and how we are seeing another slump right now.

The companies they bring up were pioneers in their days and some of them still leave behind their legacy.

Company 1. Atari Games - Yeah, they are gone, but I still hug my MAME machine every night before bed, thanking it for getting me through my adolescence.

Company 2. Origin - This company was really important to me, having revolutionized RP gaming with their classic Ultima series and then finally making one of my favorite games of all time, reminding me why I should really not be a gamer, Ultima Online. Yes, I lost my life in those fuzzy years between '97 and '00 wherein I had (argueably) the most powerful tamer on the Atlantic Shard. My Nightmare (a demon horse that can also be a mount) was trained for 2 years, this all happening before the pet taming caps were put in place by Origin to stop such exploits. He single handedly wiped out an entire enemy guild at my request, damn those were the good ole days, though I don't remember seeing much of the sky during them.

Company 3. Sierra Online - King's Quest, Space Quest, and Leisure Suit Larry, need I say more? And if you don't recognize the first two you should be shot in the head. (see: thanks for reading)

Company 4. Black Isle - This is quite possibly the most influential developer in my mind on the list, having made some of my favorite games ever. The Fallout series showed what a simple (yet impressive) iso-engine could do if given over to a great design staff with years of writing experience. This is the game you get when you have hardcore pen and paper RP'ers making games, and for that they will always have my proverbial sword. Likewise Black Isle was also responsible for releasing the Baldur's Gate series, the first series of games in my mind to really demonstrate the D&D feel electronically. I cry a little bit every time I remember how all of the malarchy went down with them, but then I always remember, "Go for the eyes Boo! Go for the eyes!" and things seem a little better.

Company 5. Looking Glass - While I was never a fan of most of their works, one cannot dispute the great leaps ahead LG made with the Thief series, having really broken the idea that fps's needed to be frenetic shooters geared only towards slightly manic teens with an itchy trigger finger. So for that, I salute you Looking Glass, thanks for striving ahead.

So in closing I'd like to give my thanks to these fine companies for their efforts at revolutionizing the gaming world, and how development is done. Our industry is what it is today because of battles fought by you. Hopefully our children will be able to put in one of their games, marvel at the archaic graphics, and enjoy the game for what it is, hopefully they can see them the way we did when we first cracked open the huge 13x9 box with one CD and a 200 pages manual. I know my children will, with Fallout 1 sitting on the top of the stack. How much can a child know about themself without knowing how best to medicate oneself after being exposed to large amounts of radiation? RadX obviously, but without Fallout I would never have known.

Full Article Here - definitely worth a read


Arkane moves to the States

Arkane Studios, best known for their new take on the rpg fps genre in Ark Fatalis, has announced their decision to build a co-development studio in Austin Texas. This new studio plans on moving forward with next-gen online gaming. Yes, that's right, another one. *shivver*

Arkane is currently in development of Dark Mesiah of Might and Magic, a next-gen fps hack and slash for the PC.

In an interview with Arkane's CEO, Raphael Colantonio, was quoted as saying, "We're interested in the online market, and we believe that the online component will be in next-gen games. There are other forms of online gaming we want to explore that haven't been done yet."

Well, here's to hoping that they do something creative, because the online market needs it. The MMO genre has exploded and has brought creativity and storylines to a screeching halt in development. Much as Blizzard has done in the past (Diablo, Warcraft II), they hit it big and thus the urchins poor out to clone their success with delusions of grandeur.

The whole online gaming community needs to be refreshed, if I hear one more bastard claiming WoW is the second coming I'm going to slit my wrists.

So in closing, Arkane, I loved Ark Fatalis, don't let me down, do something creative and fresh, don't look to "borrow" the ways of the past, and welcome to the states.


Morning NSFW - July 7

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Internet Randomness found at VV today

So there were a couple of good videos popping around work today, and here's the best one that I saw.

Yes, it's fish lifting! How many grams/kilograms can the cats lift? Who will be the victorious cat, having the most sturdy back and die hard commitment to dragging away their ill-gotten gains? Mwahaha!

Wow this should not be as interesting as I find it.

Another worthy site is this sent to me by a programmer. It's a really humerous song playable on the site about being a code monkey, which all good programmers are. ^_^; ah the little things in life.


Magnetic Floating Bed of Dutchy Doom

Leave it to the Dutch to make a bed that floats in the air. That's right, it FLOATS. Apparently the bed uses high powered magnets to levitate over another bed of magnets. Think mag-lev train going no where. The price tag on this puppy is apparently way up there, somewhere around 1.2 million euro. It should be of course, this is like one step behind the Jetsons.

Damn those flying cars were so cool.


Morning NSFW - July 6

Take it and like it bitches :p let me know if you like the new formats.


Pick which one you like, the first is a gallery is slick and flashy, but the images cannot be viewed full screen, and the images can't be saved. The second is a link to a section (namely today's images) each image can be clicked on, and different sizes can be chosen (original size is ideal) and that'll let you save them out.


Wednesday, July 05, 2006

You too can have 16 button presses a second!

So for those that don't know, the big beluga in this video (not the woman) is none other than Takahashi Meijin, poster boy for Hudson Soft, the Japanese development minds behind "Takahashi Meijin no Bouken Jima" (our Adventure Island). Oh yeah, he was also one of the most famous gamers in Japan during the 80's, and he can click the A button 16 times a second. Take that button mashing, this dude's got it covered.
This video is a Nintendo sponsored training video on how to excersize your hands to be a better gamer. I don't know, but last time I checked I really dislike excersize, and, for that matter, anything that sounds like excersize. I think I became a gamer/designer soley to avoid as much physical activity as possible. Why would I want to curtail my life to have to do finger moves in order to play my games better? I'll just drop the fighting games and only play RPG's, those don't require quick movements. Zing being lazy!


Morning NSFW - July 5

And some Alyson Hannigan for good measure

Back to 4chan this morning, I don't have time to upload them to flickr, hopefully this week I'll have some ftp image action. I'll keep you posted.


Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy 4th of July!

Monday, July 03, 2006

Space Invaders Carpet

Leave it to a mad Polish artist to take a heroine induced trip while playing Space Invaders on his persian rug to look at both the rug and the game and go... yep... that's it.

Holy hell that's great.

So apparently this artist guy mashed the Space Invaders game together with Persian Rug art, loaded it into a PS2, and shot it from the heavens (see: ceiling mounted projector) onto the floor for a fully functional "Space Invaders: Rug Adventure". Yeah, he didn't call it that, but I think it's kind of snazzy.

This is the kind of thing that makes you cry in the corner after a night of binge drinking. You stumble into your living room and your roommate convinces you your apartment is a space ship and is under attack by Persian Nazi Space Pirates. The kicker is that the room is spinning (see: severe intoxication) so you're pretty sure that the house IS moving, so your roommate must be telling the truth.

Damn, I wonder if outerspace has a Wendy's, I'm craving a spicy chicken sandwich.

More images and info after the jump.


Morning NSFW - July 3

Take it Monday morning, I fight back your tyranny with psuedo-pornographic images.

((I'll be slow on posts today, I'm not at work, but I'll get some articles up asap.))