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Thursday, August 31, 2006

More in-house hijinks

So for those who haven't seen it yet, I highly recommend checking out the Kenny video on a previous post dealing with the strict work ethic us in the video games industry have.

Well we now have another shining example of how serious our office often is, people just think it's all fun and games, but I say nay, we're not all bubble gum and lollipops, there is hard work.
This here is the chair of our current co-op turned part-timer Mike. He's been working less hours lately and for those who know where we're located, we're not exactly in a safe part of town. He should have known better than to park his chair on this block during the hours of 8-10AM.

An undoubtedly large group of hoodlums came into the office and jacked up Mike's chair, stealing 5 extremely precious casters. But hey, atleast they were nice enough to leave behind 25 cents in empty cans so that Mike could buy himself a soda and cry.


Pretty slick Starcraft touchscreen

A fellow employee linked me this morning to this Linux touchpad gaming with Starcraft. Now me being a huge Stacraft fan loved it. Check it out.

This is so great, ignoring that the game would end up take much longer to control and you'd get aced in multiplayer. Regardless it's pretty neat though.


Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Largest MMO Heist to date!

Well we've all heard of countless instances of MMO drama concerning the theft of in-game goods. Standardly I simply smile and tell those who were victims to stop crying and go eat a sandwich, because if you were dumb enough to level your Ranger in FFXI to 75 and let someone in your linkshell "borrow" your E-Bow you deserve to have your heart ripped out as you strangely never get it back.

According to a new article from there has been an even larger case of thefting, which also gets my Idiosyncratic Stamp of Approval. Apparently a fellow in EVE Online going by the name "Cally" opening a corporation called "Eve Intergalactic Bank", which functioned as a real world bank, complete with interest, loans, and insurance. Cally ran this corporation for 4 months until he decided enough was enough, he opened the vault of money players had willingly given him, loaded up his space ship and set off into the wild blue yonder (just pretend space has a wild blue yonder). Apparently the total money present in his account was 790 billion in game credits, which on the RL market would sell for roughly $170,000. I believe this one will ring in now as the single largest MMO scam in history, and assuming Cally has the appropriate location to fence said in game credits *cough* ebay *cough* he can make out like a bandit. zing

The best thing about the whole thing, outside of Cally getting to take a few years off of work (you know, unless he's 12) is that he later revealed his prior status as the pirate with the highest bounty in the game. That's like letting Jeffrey Dahmer babysit your kids, and well children, I'm a fan of irony. Well played cleric, we salute you.


Sony tries to convince us they are not kicking us in the balls

SCEA President Kaz Hirai recently stated that the PS3 will have a shelf life of 10 years, and Sony won't be dropping a new system for atleast 5 years, thus trying to stretch out the lifespan.

"We're not going to ask the consumers to suddenly buy another PlayStation console in five years' time and basically have their investment go by the wayside," said Hirai.

This makes sense, sure, I like it, if I drop the mother load on a system I don't want to be throwing it away in a year. *pats his PS1 which he played yesterday*

But then he came out with this statement.

"I don't think price is the only determining factor when consumers make a choice in looking at their console purchase decisions," he concluded.

I somehow highly doubt that Hirai here has ever worked in retail, but I can honestly say he has no idea what he's talking about. Here in the US lots of people play video games, LOTS, we have hardcore gamers and 1337 14 year olds. But having worked in video game retail for numerous years back in the day I can say that money is the driving factor for the majority of gamers. Every year around christmas we would get flocks of people buying the new PS2's and XBOX's, but you know what sold out faster with more in stock? The PS1 and the N64. Not everyone can afford the big systems. I know plenty of people who just play a generation behind saving 70% of the money silly bastards like me willingly throw away to "be on the cutting edge". Why waste all this money on a new system when you can buy an older one and 15 games for the same price? Sorry Hirai, I'm calling Shenanigans, spend a month being poor, you'll see how things really are and how ludicrous your price is.

Furthermore I think it's nice that Sony is looking at the future (see: something that seems rather bleak) considering the current state they are in. In a recent Wired article, Sony's current state of affairs is left open for all to see and the picture painted is nothing if not grim.

Full Wired Article Here

Now I really hope things work out for them, I'm a Sony fanboy, they have made some of my favorite systems, but this current outlook they have doesn't bode well for my ill-fated media company.

*closes eyes, clicks heels together, awaits magic* Because at this point I feel that's what it will take.


Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Excellent Interactive Art

I was poking around the internet today and one of the guys at work forwarded me a link to this.

The site is an interactive, constantly changing canvas. It's a ball that people can log into, choose a piece of real-estate and use your limitted ink allotment and a weak line tool to draw something beautiful... or the word "cock" (see: assholes) over someone else's pride and joy.

This is one of the most interesting metamorphoses I've seen.


Self Parking Lexus LS460

Check out this bad boy.

So this car is designed to park itself... kind of. Drive past the gap between the cars you're parking between at less than 12mph, keep the car under 2.5mph once the parking mode is activated, also you can't touch the steering wheel.

It seems cool and all, but people will fuck this up. People can't follow instructions that are only 1 step, like "no running" while at the pool, and "exit only" tattoo'ed on the stripper's ass at night moves. There is no way people could follow these 3 very (see: not) complex rules without messing up, resulting in high speed parking collisions causing the complete annihilation of their shiny new Lexi.

I mean, I'm all for this, because I enjoy the irony of a person slamming their $100k cars into my $900 P.O.S. (see: if wal-marts made cars) and in turn having to buy me a new one while their new sexiness is now a black lump of broken dreams.


Pikachu Choi Nori?

For those that don't know, a Choi Nori scooter is a small moped designed for use on the overly congested Japan streets.

Choi Nori (translates as "short rides") is the cheap alternative for young Japanese girls who need the freedom of bouncing around town but lack the capital to fund a full car purchase. The average Choi Nori (which rocks out in a multitude of fashion conscious colors) sells for about $500 which isn't too shabby at all.

Now this is all well and good and all, but who decided to make baby Jesus cry and do this to one of them?
Yeah... why's it got to be like that guys? Leave the scooters alone, don't poke-fy them... please... think of baby Jesus.


Monday, August 28, 2006

Cosplaying Super Wife/Momma

So check this out, to us here in America this seems amazing and cool, and this woman's husband is like, "huh, must be Tuesday".

The girl here "Isamu" (and assumed identity) has been cosplaying for over 10 years and currently has 70 full costumes.

Now, I don't know about you, but that one costume she made seems pretty saucy for a house wife and the husband doesn't seem to care. I guess it's just a show of the difference in cultures and what we tend to typically view as naughty.

With that said I'm completely and totally envious, I want a cosplaying asian mamma. Maybe that just because I've always had a Sailor Moon fetish.


Friday, August 25, 2006

Easy USB Oven

What do you get when you take a hungry asian, some pre-packaged raw meat, 5 PCI Cards, 30 USB cables and lots of free time? Enough labor to harvest 100 million World of Warcraft gold? Well, almost, but I was thinking of something else.

This crazy bastard (see: Kaizo Aho Ichidai) used the aforementioned products to make a small USB powered grill.

While thoroughly disgusted with the idea of pre-packaged raw meat, and the fact that in the picture to the right it's thawing in a computer case, I'm pretty damned impressed. Those crazy asians, what will they think of next?

More images of undefinable meat cooking after the jump


New DS Lite Colors coming to the US

With more information being dredged out of Nintendo concerning this fall's line up it's now been confirmed that we here in the States will be getting two new DS Lite colors. Namely, Onyx and Coral Pink (see: black and pink).

The new DS Lites will go on sale September 13th and I'd expect them to sell fairly readily, I personally know I'll have my grubby little paws on a shiny new black DS simply to deprive some 16 year old Emo kid (see: clueless children that should be shot) from having the joy of his DS matching the color of his "soul". Well, that and it looks really sexy.

So mark those dates on your calendar, no more importing $200 pink DS's from Japan gentlemen just go to your local Target :p


Thursday, August 24, 2006

I found a new, bigger, and better Gundam!

So, I've shown some big Gundam images prior but this new one takes the cake, and it's way better.

This giant ass robot is 7 meters high (roughly 21 feet for us in the States) and 3 meters wide. Yes, it's humungous.

While it's sheer size is something to be awed by, there is then the fact that it moves... yes... it moves. It's hooked up with some hyrdraulic systems and has a cockpit in the chest just like the actual robot. Holy hell people.

There is also some rumors of a potential hydraulic in the crotch region of the robot, yielding the possibility of high powered ordnance being fire from the crotch of the robot while sitting in the cockpit... sorry, I couldn't help myself, it's just so wonderfully pun'y.

The robot took over 10 months to make and it currently on display in Japan.

More images after the jump


Microsoft in Leipzig

In today's conference from Leipzig, Microsoft announced some of their upcoming releases. The one that has personally really stole the show is the fact that they are retrofitting some classic board games into XBOX Live Arcade fodder. Namely, Settlers of Catan. Check out that link, buy it at your local D&D shop, and enjoy it. Among the others mentioned were Carcassonne and Alhambra.

XBOX Live Arcade, outshining the system proper again.

Gamespot for full article


TFC 2 new trailer

So I'd be lying if I said I didn't get atleast slightly arroused while watching this video the first time, being a fairly big TFC fan. All was well and good until the video finished and a sour taste was left in my mouth. Where's the medic? To quote the infamous Wayne Brady, "am I going to have to choke a bitch?"

So maybe it's nothing, and the medic is actually in the game... but I'm worried now :p


Zany DS game looking viable in the real world?

So, for those of you who haven't been fortunate enough to check out the videos for the new Japanese DS game Osu! Tatakae! Ouedan! (translates as Go! Fight! Cheer Squad!) go watch this crazed new game based around male cheering squads.

It's like Dance Dance Revolution only you are trying to cheer up and on people who are sad or need a boost. Yes, it does seem odd to play a game where you are coaching someone through studying for a math test, but hey, it's nothing if not creative.

So now we return to reality, where we assume nothing like this would ever actually occur leaving the game a kaleidoscopic jaunt from a rather deranged and possibly mentally unstable Japanese designer. But wait! Check out this video!

Wow! I can't believe that there is some validity to Ouedan and I'm not sure if I want to be happy or very very sad.

Now I guess that question is whether or not the game is mimicking reality or if reality is mimicking the game.


Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Moe-tan PSP!

preface - Moe in Japanese refers to something childish and fiendishly cute as embraced by otaku.

So a while back a book was made to teach Japanese otaku engrish with the help of a little cute anime character named Moe.

Now this book is becoming a PSP title, I mean, it's already filled with pornography, it might as well teach foreign languages right? Yeah, so trading mine in doesn't sound like such a bad idea now.

Well, apparently it uses words in sentences that appeal to the intended audience of otaku, which yields some interesting take on definitions and word usage that only an anime fan would love/understand.

Decide - "Let's decide the supremacy of the Earth by the blows of robots."
quick though - if they don't know what decide means how would they understand supremacy?

Arrest – "the mad scientist was arrested for attempted earth destruction."

Scare – "the angel who lives on his house scared him, because she beat him to death without notice."

And my personal favorite:
Embarrass – "the wrong use of the magic equipment often embarrasses the girl in the bathroom while she is taking a bath."

I mean, wow, sure, these all make sense to me, but damn that's crazy.

More definitions after the jump.


Nintendo reveals two new SKU's but sadly no Wii date

Nintendo's press conference at the Games Convention in Leipzig Germany has given some tidbits of information concerning their fall line up. Sadly however they gave no release date for the Wii.

The first on the list was the new Pink DS Lite (october 27), it having already been released in Japan. The second was two new Wii release titles called Battalion Wars 2 and Mario Striker Charge (a football game).

The Microsoft conference will occur this afternoon followed by the Sony conference sometime after where they will inevitably tell everyone that the PS3 will be more expensive, but will be better overall, and is a much smarter buy... right.


Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Giant Gundam Seed Statue!

Check this out, leave it to the Japanese to make an 82cm statue of Lunamaria Hawke from Gundam Seed Destiny. Not only that, but it's slapped with a $475 price tag. Bong.

I suppose you can play with it while you stare in awe at your human sized Gundam.

My concern here, why would someone spend $500 on a life-size statue of an imaginary girl which basically guarantees that they will never get laid?

So, why is she on display on top of this table? She has a finely crafted butt obviously, white panties and all.

Lots of pics over at


Monday, August 21, 2006

Enchanted Arms XBOX360

I feel so very cold...

New Enchanted Arms gameplay and cinematic montage...

So very very cold...

We ask Microsoft for an RPG, and we get this... and as pointed out by a co-worker of mine this game should come with an XBOX360 peripheral of a closet.


Sony hasn't started building yet

According to a new interview with Kaz Hirai, SCEA president, Sony will not be able to make enough units for the demand of their PS3 this fall which is due out in 3 short months.

"We haven't started manufacturing yet. Some of our ops guys were actually just in China, and also in Japan just reviewing the lines and everything else." says Hirai, "But they are, again, preparing as we speak to get the manufacturing going,"

Sony is still however sticking to their original estimate of 2 million PS3's at launch, which would give a bit less than 700,000 units per region, though the numbers will most likely be skewed to some degree favoring one over the others.

Microsoft had a similar problem with the 360, by starting their manufacturing so late they ended up very short.

My view of the situation? I don't see any problem here, mainly because I'm pretty sure the US won't buy 700,000 PS3's. Everyone will be cramming to get their grubby little kids Wii's and 360's, maybe even both, prior to dropping the paycheck (see: nearly whole) on a system that has no interesting launch titles and access to a fledgling media type.

Don't worry Sony or sad people looking for one at launch, my guess is that there will be enough.


Friday, August 18, 2006

Crop circles of the geeky... -er kind

Check this out. Remember back in the day when geeks, dorks, and nerds used to hide inside and play video games and imagine what boobies felt like? Well now apparently they have branched out of their parents' basement and replaced their computers with boards and string.

So now we've got this colossal Firefox (see: the browser you should be using) crop circle thanks to the Oregon State University Linux Group.

These guys have been responsible for rather large acts of Firefix fandom at all of the big benchmarks in the software's life. For example, at 50 million downloads they painted this on their campus quad. At 100 million they launched a weather balloon toting a Firefox banner.

Out of all of them though I'd have to say this is definitely the coolest, I mean it's a CROP CIRCLE! That's pretty slick.

Thanks for the interesting geek stories Linux team!

Firefox - if you don't have it, this page probably looks fairly busted because IE is kinda (see: really) crappy, so pick it up and see what you've been missing. Also, Firefox 2.0 is due out this October '06, so make sure you ready your downloading finger.

Grease Monkey - Great addon to allow for user based scripts in your Firefox browser, ever wish you could download the videos I place here from google video and youtube? Well now you can, download Grease Monkey and this app and you'll be able to do just that.

FLV Player - You'll need this to be able to view the movies off of YouTube as they don't get downloaded to a nice format like .avi


Thursday, August 17, 2006

This is what Video Game Developers do in their down time

As a side note, by "down time" I mean the few hours a year we find ourselves not in crunch. Thanks Kenny, the day's a bit brighter now.


Phantom is back with a brand new invention

Sorry for the obligitory Vanilla Ice reference, I just thought it fit quite well with this sizzlin' story, yes that's right, sizzlin'.

Phantom Entertainment, the developer previously known as Infinium Labs, has announced that they are dropping the idea of creating their own physical receiver, you know... hardware that should have existed 2 years ago. Instead, they will be making their broad-band games on demand client available via Windows and people will access it through their home PC.

According to their website, "The Company intends to modify the Phantom Game Service software to run as client software on personal computers operating Windows and Windows XP Media center operating systems."

Well, I'm calling shenanigans on this statement, as it leads the consumer *cough* investors *cough* to believe that they actually have software that does more than say "Hello World".

My take on this? Isn't this just a huge cop-out from a company now infamous for multi-million dollar failures/cop-outs? They've been trumping this proprietary hardware idea as much as their software and after a belabored 4 years and multiple CEO's later they've canned it in trade for the much simpler task of writing a Windows executable.

Damn guys, well done? How's that stock treatin' ya? Getting ready to sell? Maybe? Recoup some cash, and maybe some shreds of dignity? Naw, screw that, keep saying you're actually going to work in the morning and doing more than surfing the net for asian pornography and Taiwanese mail-order brides, people have proven that they will continue to pour money into your sinking ship so let them.

As a side note, Phantom Entertainment is currently accepting orders for their keyboard... with a price tag of only $129.99. But wait, the best part is that it's not available yet, pay now for something that is "due out in November". Hmm... I'm usually a preorder buff, but I don't know how I feel about ordering something from a site.


Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Jack Thompson on G4

This is a fairly interesting idea, take G4, a widely watched video game television show and add Jack Thompson, a conservative radical with a law degree and mixed morals of integrity, and what do you get? Carnage! Well ok, no actual blood was spilled, but it could have assuming these speakers weren't separated by time and space.

Mark Friedler, Game Daily CEO got to the real root of the arguement here which I always find myself coming to. "At the end of the day it's the responsibility of parents to decide what their young kids consume and the responsibility of the parents to know how their kids spend their time."

Dishes are done man, why can't people accept that the level of censorship that Thompson is trying to push shouldn't be up to the government, it should be in the home. If parents believe that their children should not play violent video games, here's a cooky idea, they don't let them play them, we solved that problem right? Right? It doesn't seem that complex for me.

Sure, this new game Bully seems pretty warped but whatever, if people enjoy reliving high school hazings who am I to judge? I won't buy it, and lo and behold the game doesn't affect me at all, wow that was easy.


Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The lighter side of GTA

I recently saw this commercial up online and fell in love with it, it shows the gaming industry for what it is. I mean sure, a big part of us is large ordnance weaponry, scantily clad women with figures that defy logic and of course, lots of violence and blood. But there is a softer side of us gaming developers, sometimes our games have happy things, like brain puzzles, barbie horse adventures, and cute puppies!

Thanks commercial for getting our message out there!


Bethesda plans to do up Star Trek right

Bethesda Softworks has recently announced that they will have voice acting from all 5 generations of Star Trek captains in their upcoming title Star Trek: Legacy.

This means they'll have William Shatner (Kirk), Patrick Stewart (Picard), Avery Brookes (Sisko), Kate Mulgrew (Janeway) and even the ill-fated Scott Bakula (Archer). It's ok Quantum Leap guy, I thought Enterprise was good... until the ship went back in time and there were demon Nazi's... that's right... demon Nazi's.

Apparently the game will be telling a story which spans all the time lines so that it makes sense that all the captains are there. This is hopefully going to be a nice flagship for the Star Trek 40th anniversary and maybe, just maybe, the game won't be as piss poor as most of the Trek games we've seen in the past.


Monday, August 14, 2006

Sony says no to PSP price cut

Well it has been the talk of the town in the gaming industry as to what Sony will be doing to keep up with Nintendo this round. One of the big ideas was to drop the price of their gold plated (see: f'ing expensive) hand-held system.

This was brought up by industry analyst P.J. McNealy who said, "There is a price cut coming in the second half of the year".

But Sony of course rebukes this saying that they will not be dropping the price of the system.

And I mean, why not right? 5 people own it, that's a healthy player-base. How dare we, the consumer, ask for a more affordable system? Why wouldn't we want to pay more money for a hand-held with worse games?

Ok, so here's a cooky idea. Perhaps, just perhaps, if Sony tried to match the price point of their primary competitor (see: the dude beating their drunk ass behind the bar for their wallet) the Nintendo DS, more people would think of it as an alternative because let's face it, the system is sexy. I personally own one, mainly to show boat games I've worked on and to play Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth for the 2 hours the system manages before the battery gets sick and dies.

What is more likely to happen as far as price cuts go is the PS2 dropping in price this fall to (most likely) coincide with the release of the PS3. This seems much more viable as Sony did this to the PS1 when they released the PS2. Though I will find it funny when the PS2 with a dropped price greatly outsells the PS3 this Christmas... ooo, it's so going to happen.


Friday, August 11, 2006

Check out this video...

This is awesome, sure it's a cheesy take on those Mac commercials, but hey, it's still funny. This is so very true too. I'm a really big fan of the Wii, as most people could probably have guessed, and this explains why perfectly. The Wii is sleaker, cheaper, likes to be played with, and is just a smidge trashy... I mean fun, yeah fun, definitely still talking about the Wii.


Scary Terrorist Plot foiled?

So for those that have been living under a rock the past day, there was a theoretical foiling of more terrorist plane detonatings yesterday over in England.

Apparently the terrorists were planning to blow up the planes using liquids and gels, and as such now people in the US are boned when flying... again.

First off, all the planes are backed up, big shocker there I know. But now we are stuck with more "security" when we fly. Namely, women with babies will (currently are) be forced to drink their babies' milk to prove that Jody, the Kansas Soccer Mom, isn't trying to blow up our planes. Or random business man John in his Armani suit is actually rocking 9oz of explosive gelatin in his Gillette shaving can.

Racial profiling is wrong, but again, Jody... most likely not a terrorist, call me crazy.

So big thumbs up to the governments of both the US and England for stopping the explosions, but maybe they could show a little more restraint when dealing with our citizens, we're not criminals, stop treating us as such.


Morning NSFW Blown up!

Hey guys, so my comp died last night (writes this from work), and with it went all of my prepared NSFW's, so we're going to be without for a bit.

Sorry guys, you'll just have to settle for psuedo-news stories now.


Thursday, August 10, 2006

Sexy FFVII Statue err... diorama

Sometimes something really cool comes out of Japan, you know, something besides all those pretty cute asian girls.

Right now I'm talking about this BA diorama of Sephiroth and Cloud fighting amidst the Midgar rubble we in the RPG fan club have come to know and love.

I really want this. Right now my desk is toting a prett slick PVC statue of Rei Ayanami, my 1984 diecast metal, fully transformable Voltron, and a hand drawn and colored image of wolverine signed by John Herbert, but it seems strangely vacant without this blatant statement of "my desk is better than your desk".

Check out some other angles of the piece of artwork, vintage Sony memorabilia at Moeyo!


Morning NSFW - August 10

Ok, it's a late one, but boy is it nice.


Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Tongue-controlled GBA

Yes, that's right, you too can control your gba with your tongue.

Thanks to the crew over at Simmunity, we see the very first tongue controlled gameboy advance, with the intention of being used by quadriplegic players.

It's about damned time I say, because hell, no one should be deprived video games, even gimps. Everyone should have the chance to play Tactics Ogre GBA, that game is really slick. Next step though, i want someone to make a tongue playable DS, that'd really be awesome, you know, slime covered touch screens, the whole nine yards.

But all joking aside this is actually a really awesome step forward. I think that gaming is a pretty important part of our current age's development seeing as how larger and larger amounts of us are stepping into technical fields after school.

I sure as hell wouldn't have landed my job had I not have a fairly impressive past of gaming binges.

Hopefully we see more things of this nature that enable the unabled to partake in the fruits of our labors. These are the future developers, let them game.


Morning NSFW - August 9



Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Square-Enix making a hop into hardware market?

According to a recent report Square-Enix president Yoichi Wada revealed that the company, best known for a slew of console RPG's, is working with hardware developer Taito to make something new in the hardware genre.

"The strategy behind Nintendo and the iPod, to create a new environment based on hardware, is completely valid. But this is impossible if you dont have experience making hardware," Wada said.

"This is one of the reasons Square Enix will collaborate with Taito, a company that produces physical hardware. In our talks with Taito, ideas for an actual physical product have come up. In any case, we will be releasing some 'thing.'"

Taito, acquired by Square-Enix last September, is a manufacturer of arcade hardware such as pocket versions of Space Invaders.

You know, this could be a really awesome thing. I still remember going to the store as a child and picking up Double Dragon the Tiger handheld. I loved that game, and the buttons had the wear to prove it. But now, maybe some lucky child could go to the store and pick up Final Fantasy 1 and play it without needing a system. But maybe, just maybe Square will do one step better and begin making awesome high end hardware, us handheld lovers need more portable RPG'S!


Morning NSFW - August 8



Monday, August 07, 2006

Remember when the DS wasn't the PSP?

So as I've discussed many times before, the PSP is a widely accepted method of distributing pornography.

Well now there is a new up and coming program for the DS by Ubisoft designer Heather Kelley involving some intimate situations with a bunny by the name of Lapis.

Now apparently the "game" teaches all sorts of stimulation exercises included touching and blowing, and if you satisfy the bunny it flies up in the air all happy-like.

According to Kelley this is a step in the direction of "tasteful" blendings of sex in video games, as sex is not likely to go away any time soon.

My take on all this hullabaloo? Rock on, heck, they should distribute this to guys so they can figure out how to actually please their ladies, I think the women of the world would rejoice at better educated/trained menfolk. Yes it's a bit racey, yes a little saucy, but we in the US need to take a look at ourselves and get off our high morality horses and remember that we founded this country on freedom's, and a return to puritan chastity is not the way we should look at future beliefs. We're sexual creatures, it's not dirty, and whether or not we talk about it people do it every day all over the world, sometimes even twice :p

So rock on Kelley, make sexually ambiguous furry-lite games for the DS, it's about time someone has.

Full Article Here


It's the little things

So while browsing YouTube this morning I found a video of a new budget game from Japanese developer D3, you may know them from such amazing titles as Zombie vs Ambulance, Onechan Bara X, and in the US Flushed Away, and Cabbage Patch Kids: Patch Puppy Rescue.

So check this game out. Let's see if you can guess the name.

The Maid Uniform and Machine Gun? Was that your guess? Because if it was you are very correct. I love telling names, names that really make sense after playing the game. Like Zombie vs Ambulance. I want to be a zombie fighting an ambulance, likewise I would like the change occassionally to be the doomed ambulance attempting to defeat the legion of zombies.

Well this game looks mildly close to one of my favorite anime of all time, Mahoromatic - Robotic Maiden, so right from there it has big props *raises roof*.... *acts a little less ghetto now*.

Thank you Japan for mixing seemingly unrelated things, like Maids and Machine Guns, or... Nuns and Machine Guns (see: Chrno Crusade)


Morning NSFW - August 7

Booya Monday


Friday, August 04, 2006

Cartoon Flashback

Remember Futurama? That show is great, and here's one of my favorite clips, as it just so happens to be dealing with video games.

Good stuff, wacka wacka wacka wacka wacka *eats a pellet*


Morning NSFW - August 4



Thursday, August 03, 2006

Clerks 2 photo shoot

Ok, so for those who haven't seen it yet go see Clerks 2. And for everyone out there, check out this video, it's the kind of video that puts a smile on the face of one of those hungry kids on those donation commercials. Do it for the kids.

Wow... it's the little things that make me happy and Rosario Dawson, while not a little thing by any means, does just fine despite it.


Car Donations err... Veneer Logs, yes! definitely Veneer Logs!

Ok, so in my wanderings recently I found this website calling NicheGeek which seems kind of like a plug for making better money per click with adSense banners and things.

But overall it ends up being a really creepy inside look at the not so commonly reported anals of the internet.

Basically Dmitri (the writer at NicheGeek) did a study to discover what "niche" words were more commonly clicked on on adSense sites in order to increase his revenue from his own. Well, it turns out that common things you would think are popular tend to fall behind the curve when it comes to this wen compared to revolutionary topics like Veneer Logs! Yes, that's right, veneer logs may in fact earn you more money per click than say... morning nsfw. I say not f'ing likely, because, well... asians! But who am I to doubt the numbers?

This dude has in turn made his blog a gutter of randomness, spewing forth all sorts of random things that have dribbled out of the internet's tail pipe and people eat it up and he's rolling in the monies.

Who'd have thought that ATM Machines would be a big seller? I just assumed they were those big honking things that put my hard earned money into my grubby little hands. But people collect them, yep, you can buy used one, who would have thought?

Well check out the site, it's pretty interesting, though sorely depressing that a site with the top article of "Two scopists find a way to turn court records to gold" is out doing me hand over fist. :p but them's the breaks I suppose. I guess the money is in fact not in dick and fart jokes as Kevin Smith would have led us to believe in Chasing Amy.

Oh, and see Clerks 2, you owe it to yourself.


Morning NSFW - August 3

The butt and nothing but.


Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Maid in Japan rocking Guilty Gear

If you remember from a few posts back (Japan FTW!) I showed what that cooky company called Maid in Japan did for the Silent Hill launch.

Well they're at it again but this time they are dressing the girls up as characters from the popular 3d fighting game Guilty Gear, and by characters I mean one character, and by girls playign dress up I mean cross-dressing.

Yep, out of all the saucy vixens *cough* Dizzy *cough* I-no *cough* Baiken... they choose Bridget... the little boy dressing up like a nun... I just don't understand.
I just don't get them sometimes. They pick the transvestite... huh.

More pics of girls cosplaying boys cosplaying girls after the jump.


Morning NSFW - August 2

It's cosplay day! yay! If people like this I'll post cosplay around once a week.


Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Vista has cruddy voice recognition

Check out this video I found of a news report on Window's press conference concerning the Vista voice recognition software.

Yeah, so there's another reason not to get Windows Vista. Somehow I can see some goodly Christian trying to speak a letter and Windows interprets it as a saucy love note.

Dear Mom,
I'm doing fine, I've converted 3 heathens to the one true God over the last week. Reverend Steve has really embraced out family, which has really helped with the move. He's taken a particular interest in young Mikey, he's been working late with him on a nightly basis.
Love you, Margaret

this is interpretted as:

Hey Slut,
I'm going to bend you over a table tonight like the heathen Gods did in times past. That Reverend Steve is a child molester, he was waiting in our house after our move. He's taken a particular interest in young Mikey, he's been working late with him on a nightly basis.
Fuckin' raw, Spike

hmm... So maybe the Vista system is closer to actual recognition than I originally thought...


E3 info finally given out from the horse's mouth

In a recent interview with Entertainment Software Association president Doug Lowenstein, the big-wig gave some sad credit to the rumors of no more E3 that have recently left the internet buzzing.

The first major change is that the convention will seemingly no longer be open to the public (as originally intended). This should cut the number of people present from this year's record 60,000 to a maneagable 5000.

Secondly, the event will no longer happen at the LACC (Los Angeles Convention Center) and instead be held at two hotels, with the press conferences occuring in suites and conference rooms. This will help in cutting down the costs as the intended audience no longer needs to be as dazzled by flashy stands and jumbo-tron high def screens.

Third, the new event will be called the E3 Media Festival and take place in July as opposed to the traditional May to allow for companies to have more time to get their Christmas releases in a more presentable state.

Well E3, you're great arches and towering screens of cutting edge video games will be missed, but most likely your death will be better for the industry in these trying times... I will unfortunately miss watching the Nintendo/Sony/Microsoft hour long conferences every year though, they were standardly a great time.


Morning NSFW - August 1